Friday, May 3, 2013

1011 Rupee Masala Dosa!

The Raj Bhog Restaurant in Bangalore is witnessing large footfalls, since the debut of their latest delicacy, a gold-plated dosa, priced at a whooping Rs. 1,011.

Diners are promised that they can consume one milligram of pure gold, spread out over 12 cm x 12 cm of foil.
The gold is added to each dosa in the final wrap.
The gold plated dosa in Bangalore is a huge hit.
The restaurant aims at those who can afford to spend on such fancies!
The dish is roasted crisp with a hint of olive oil and has a filling of mashed potatoes and garnished with gold foil.
The restaurant also serves a dosa garnished with silver foil, at an affordable price of Rs. 151.
The owners have plans to apply for patent the gold-plated dosa.
The restaurant received food safety certification from the Bengaluru Corporation.
The gold foils are procured from an ISO certified company in Rajasthan.

They claim there are no side effects …….. don't forget to try when you are in Bangalore.

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