Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make It Right For A Better Ride!

Today I am posting about how to be more gracious with the commuters.
First impression is open you eyes and ears wide, instead of always playing games, checking mails, updating facebook, listening music...give seats to need, move to rear if you are not getting down in the next station. Leave place to people with wheel chair and strollers/pram first. 

My son loves the song Train is coming, Train is coming....and sings when we are in MRT.

I have been travelling in SMRT since 4 yrs and love the facility maintained by Singapore. 

But in the recent days have seen so many changes with the people thats the youngsters. I have seen teenage girls and boys drinking water, eating biscuits slowly.

It is us to maintain neat and clean city to encourage Tourist and Business.

Yesterday when I was travelling in circle line train just caught this and also I was going to get down at Paya Lebar a group of boys were near the door who were not moving and leaving place for us to get down. Actually they were blocking the way. Last minute I told excuse me please go out and come in. Then they left place for me.

"I always don't wear ear phones and play in trains, its also bad for eyes and health. Commuters  should watch out whose entering and be more active act fast to give seats to the need. When you enter the train, please move to rear if you are not getting down next stops. People who are sitting should off their earphones listen to announcements, get up one stop early and go the door for easy and faster alighting. People should follow the arrow marks draw in MRT and leave way for alighting commuters. By following simple things people can enjoy the rides happily."

I also would request the SMRT to increase the waiting train time to 1 min more for easy moving out and moving in. Sometimes its so crowded you need to wait and go in next train. Everyone please follow rules for better and clean Singapore.

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