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Trip to Legoland contributed by Hari Kris!

Everyone loves to take your kids to Legoland, we are here bring a write up for what all you need to plan and know before travelling with kids.

This article is contributed by Mr. Hari Kris and shares his personal experience with us.

For people who are aspiring to spend some quality time with your beloved kids and make your young kids to cheer,shrill,memorise with their growing age to maturity I assume "Legoland" is a good retreat!

For the Family with kids preferably (in my view) should be atleast 5yrs above and less than 13yrs (5~13yrs) then this retreat is ideal. Since for certain eventful activities there is height restrictions and kids of less age may not be allowed and in my view less than 5yrs age may not enjoy.

Yes however for Family with kids between 3yrs to less than 6yrs there are events like Hello Kitty, Thomas train for me I put these as exception only provided if you have energy and full steam interest to make the kiddos enjoy these places since you may not be able to spend enough ample time being outdoors. As kiddos need rest after 2 hrs of activity and may also be comfortable with soiled nappies! 😃

Legoland is located in Johor Bahru and is literally on the outskirts. For people in Singapore driving by Cars,clearing immigration through Tuas checkpoint will be ideal as Legoland is rather close by when compared to Woodlands checkpoint.

Make a note Malaysia Visa is required for all Indians living/working in Singapore irrespective of PR or EP etc.

Planning tips for Legoland:-

* If you want to buy through Packaged Tours for Legoland then don't continue to read the below :)
* Try to buy Legoland event tickets at few travel outlets located at Peoples Park Center,China Town. China Town MRT Exit E if I remember. I dont recommend any shops but I would say compare prices and make your decision. I brought at 4th floor shop.
* If you think buying online through those people advert in FB its your choice.Firstly I dont have good trust and secondly sometimes we need to again collect at some meeting point.So instead its better to just go to China Town :)
* Legoland needs atleast 2 full day-time dates to fully enjoy the events/rides/activities with your kids
* Its good choice to go with 2 Families, as with sharing; there are lots of advantages & fun times.
* Events/rides especially on Sunday will be too crowded so waiting times will be higher so my best is Fri + Sat as dates.

* If you can get accomodation in Legoland Hotel its more fun but alternatively if you dont get, there are couple of good hotels in near by i.e Hotel Amansari Nusajaya,Johor
* Book a Family suite and stay is comfortable. Just take a Taxi from your Hotel to Legoland it will be RM20 ( 12mins drive). Whenever you travel by Taxi. Better take the Taxi driver phone number becos it will be helpful to call the Taxi during your return back from Legoland to Hotel.
*There are Travel car providers with whom you can book a Car to Pickup from your Home in SG to hotel and again in Return from Hotel to Home in SG ( usually $85~$90 per trip for 4 adults + 2 kids 6 seater)
* 1 full day for Theme Park($49 per adult & $39 for kid) and 1 full day for Water Park(RM195 per head) and Kids RM175
* I dont suggest a Combo as it will be too tiring for kids & adults and it will be a real rush.
* Just take the map for the events in the Theme park spend solid 10mins to read the map and keep visiting the events/rides in a sequence to save time. All events can be equally be enjoyed by Kids & Adults.

* Dont carry any of personal food items, they are not allowed. Unfortunately there is no re-entry for the tickets
* There is food inside but its too expensive. I would suggest to plan for eating your meals/food outside there is mall with good eateries once you come out of Legoland
* In the evenings after the Theme park events,plan for a ride for Kids for battery driven cars which is really worth(RM 20 for 20mins but sometimes kids ride for almost half hour). Its really enjoying for kids on battery cars.
* If you happen to be near legoland beyond 9.30PM make a phone call to the Taxi driver which you have noted earlier. Otherwise there are Taxi touts waiting for you with higher prices.
* In your return Journey back to Singapore(After Hotel checkout at 1PM).If you dont have car booked for worries call the Taxi to drop to Hotel Amma for a good lunch. Usually Taxi by meter from your Hotel(Amansari) to Amma hotel for lunch which is just adjacent to Metro Jaya mall is RM65.
* After your Lunch you can simply walk with your luggage to Metro Jaya Mall and from 3rd floor there is a connecting bridge to Johor-Woodlands checkpoint for Immigration.
*Once immigration stamp is done in Johor side ...follow the crowd and walk to take any bus towards Singapore Checkpoint (For SBS busses you can use your Ezlink card)
*Finally once you stamp clearance at Singapore, walk outside to take any Taxi to your destination Home.

* Enjoy the memories and moments on your quick short retreat.

We thank you for your contribution.

- Sara Iyer

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