Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Colgate Magical Sea World! Indistuff

Colgate introduced magical sea world packs. I use colgate for my gum problems too.

Colgate strong teeth pack comes with 4 different sets of interesting magical sea world creatures. Kids can cut, play and learn. It looks very colourful and attractive. This activity can be done with group of kids and friends. Its fun too.

My kids liked it and were excited to see printed inside and he liked to cut and play. Both kids were playing and found it useful too.  They tried to create own stories out of it. Learnt names of the creatures. Its a educational game. It was fun to see them sit around and play. They should also include a small toy so they will collect more.

My son liked the pirate ship most. What do you like? Collect all 4.

All set for a colgate smile:-)

Thanks Colgate for sending me the packs.

Attached few pics