Thursday, April 18, 2013

What to see in Singapore? Part 2 Long Stay !

To see Part 1 click here of What to see in SG

People staying for long in Singapore.

East Coast Park, ECP
Downtown East, Paris Ris
Escape Theme Park 
Chinatown for more details click here.
Chinese Garden
Botanic Orchid Garden
Haw Par Villa
Bukit Timah Resorvoir Park

Temples in Little India
Perumal Temple
Veeramakalliamman Temple
Sai Baba Temple

Legoland, JB
Pulau Ubin 
Bintan Resort
Kusu Island
Johor Bahru Malaysia
Tiomon Islands, Malaysia

Bali, Indonesia

Still more to come soon.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beautiful Braids! Love Dove Story!

Hi Friends,

My story for Beautiful braids goes on here like Rapunzel!

I had thick long straight hair when I was in School. I used to braid two plats with black ribbon folded up. My granny used to oil, patiently remove knots and braid my hair so beautifully. I miss her now.

Once in college I stopped oiling and not taking care of my hair and it became dry. It started to split and became messy.

When I used Dove split end rescue system/hair therapy it worked great and I am seeing my split ends have reduced a lot.

My hair is soft, shiny and silky. I love hair styling a lot, this makes to put french plats which is my favourite one.

I can braid my hair and looks perfect and I am very happy.

Thanks to Dove rescue system!