Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beautiful Braids! Love Dove Story!

Hi Friends,

My story for Beautiful braids goes on here like Rapunzel!

I had thick long straight hair when I was in School. I used to braid two plats with black ribbon folded up. My granny used to oil, patiently remove knots and braid my hair so beautifully. I miss her now.

Once in college I stopped oiling and not taking care of my hair and it became dry. It started to split and became messy.

When I used Dove split end rescue system/hair therapy it worked great and I am seeing my split ends have reduced a lot.

My hair is soft, shiny and silky. I love hair styling a lot, this makes to put french plats which is my favourite one.

I can braid my hair and looks perfect and I am very happy.

Thanks to Dove rescue system!

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