Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bharathanatyam Competition at Senpaga Vinayagar Temple!

A Talent Hunt for Bharathanatyam Dance on 26th May 2012 at 2.30pm.

Free Admission !!

Contact - 63458176/94568551 for registering.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Party Halls with Buffet in SG

Hotel Tandoori Kantipur/Shish Mahal
Race Course Road
Little India
For more details click here

Madras Woodlands Restuarant
Opp Veeramakaliamman Temple
Bellios Road

Anandha Bhavan
Opp Mustafa Centre
Syed Alwi Road

Bukit Merah Central

Shahi Maharani
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Ph 6235 8840

Aangan Restaurant
No.5 Coleman Street,
#02-10 Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Centre
Singapore 179805

Still more to come.

VFS Global in Singapore for Indian Passport Services

Are you tired of waiting in long queues in Indian Embassy and Mustafa. VFS Global appointed as one of delivery partners for Indian visa and consular services. Its open from April 2012.
Office of VFS in Singapore.
CBD Anson Road
# 15-02, 79 Anson Road, Singapore – 079906
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (Ew15) Exit D
Nearest bus stop: Apex Towers (B03222)
Little India, Rangoon Road 24 hrs.
60, Rangoon Road, Singapore - 218350
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park (NE 8) Exit B
Nearest bus stop: Rangoon Road (B50251) and
Serangoon Road, Farrer Park Station (B07211)
The key features of the new centres are:
Multiple VAC solution: clients have choice of location to submit their applications
24x7 service option available at Little India: A first-of-its-kind service making visa application process extremely convenient and useful for the Travel Agent Community and also to time conscious travellers
VIP service pick-up and drop facility on demand) for clients who do not have the time to physically come to the VAC
One-shop stop for all visa, passport and consular requirements at the multiple VACs
Exclusive value-added benefits at the VACs for all travellers desirous of travel to India
Internet Kiosks for completion of online visa application forms (IVFRT) at the multiple VACs
Dedicated website for information, query resolution via e-mail and status tracking
Dedicated call center services for information, queries, appointment scheduling and tracking of application status
Dedicated and trained staff to assist applicants and travel agents
Multi-lingual services in English, Hindi and Tamil
Optional courier service for return of documents via safe and secure courier service
Dedicated counters for the travel agent community at the centres
Hope everyone use this service for faster and easier visas.
For more information on VFS services click here 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taruni Sachdev dies in Nepal Plane Crash!

I didnot want to write this post, but this girl has drawn attention in many ads on TV. Very sad to hear and this should not have happened.

Photo courtesy - Her FB id.

Taruni Sachdev a very cute girl was a child artist who was popular in the advertisements. She had done about 50 ads on TV. She wanted to become a heroine. She and her mom passed away.

The incident took place on Monday May 14th for more details click here. The plane crashed in Nepal and it is unbeleivable. Great loss to bollywood industry.

May strength given to her family and her soul rest in peace. RIP Taruni.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Singer Fame Satyaprakash Concert in Singapore!

Sathyaprakash is an upcoming playback singer from the popular show Super Singer on Vijay TV. He has also sung few songs in the movies.

Concert is on 12th May  at DBS Auditorium and tickets are priced at $20 only. Tickets are available at the following stores

  • Indian Jewelers Pte Ltd
  • Masala Hut 
  • Jothi Flower Store
  • Madras New Woodlands Restuarant

or contact Suryah 81275204  and Nantha - 9060254

So don't miss the wonderful concert. Grab your tickets now.

Promo Video below 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Institute of Universal Consciousn​ess - One World One Family

Institute of Universal Consciousn​ess - One World One Family 
- By Acharya Vinay Vinekar

Details of Structure and Content: 
It is a program scientifically designed to produce an optimal environment for personal exploration and transformation.  The course is about discovering:
Ø  Your capacity of greater health & happiness
Ø  Your potential for abundant energy.
This will lead you to experience the "Journey into Joyous Living"
The contents of the course are:
·         Unique technique of realizing existential truths as a means towards 'Freedom in Life'.
·         Highly Specialized & extremely easy training to bring about excellence in mind & body co-ordination.
·         Various techniques for resting the mind to release mental and emotional blocks and build a world of confidence for yourself.
·         Simple and powerful methods of increasing the cellular oxygen as a means of building energy and enhancing healing ability.
·         Use of regenerative foods to build a peaceful person who is naturally healthy both physically and mentally and hence happy.
  What does the course do to you?
·         It removes stress
·         The regular practice of this course not only helps in creating a healthy and peaceful you but also reconstructs your body against 'Psychosomatic' disorders like: Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Rheumatic Arthritis, Migraine, Sinus, Epilepsy, skin allergies, Eye ailments, other allergies.
·         This course not only gives freedom from psychosomatic ailments but also improves your
Ø  Memory
Ø   Decision-making capacity
Ø  Awareness Levels
 Above All This course does not require any change of habits, life style or belief, as it had nothing to do with any formal Religion, sect, cult or psychological exercises."IT IS PURELY AN EXPERIENTIALSCIENCE"
These techniques can be practiced regardless of age and occupation to experience greater joy, happiness and inner peace leading to 'A HEALTHY & PEACEFUL LIFE'.
 Strongly Recommended for those people suffering from any kind of psychosomatic ailments, people with suicidal tendencies, also pregnant women to give birth to wonderful children for the future. You can check your medical reports before and after the program to know the difference. Visit
Basic Class Schedule for June 2012:   
 JUNE 20th 6pm - 8pm : Introductory Session. Is it for you? Brief of workshop schedule and content/ benefits/applications. (Wed)
 JUNE  21st to 24th 2012 - 4 day intensive class from 2:30pm-7:30pm (Note: Thu to Sun)
 Venue: Vijayanagar, Bangalore  (For more info please attend introduction. 
 You can also call us:  Ritu 98801 20202, Vinay -9845212556, Vibin - 9886331522                                 

Please plan ahead and book your seats. Limited capacity of the hall where this event is being organized. This will be one of the gifts of a lifetime you will be giving yourself and your loved ones... experience it to believe it! We have completed both basic and advanced classes and vouch for it's efficiency and effectivity to help you make your journey of life smoother and more pleasant, both for your and your family and friends! Please get in touch with one of the organizers (listed above) to book your seat for the event. 

I have personally felt this workshop is beneficial to any person unless they are happy each and every day no matter what's happening around them :), but mostly struggling college students, middle aged people, people who want to bring in abundance (love, money, time, space, anything!) who are finding some or other road blocks, pregnant women, old aged and suffering from illnesses, chronic patients have all found relief! This is my personal invite to you all to take responsibility of making your life better for yourself first, your family and friends. Do hope you can experience it with or without this program!!! :)

Target closure of booking is May 8th. 

Please share with your friends in Bangalore.

P.S: Advanced Workshop also conducted as a 3 day residential programme. Focus is on spiritual growth. Pls contact us for more details.