Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taruni Sachdev dies in Nepal Plane Crash!

I didnot want to write this post, but this girl has drawn attention in many ads on TV. Very sad to hear and this should not have happened.

Photo courtesy - Her FB id.

Taruni Sachdev a very cute girl was a child artist who was popular in the advertisements. She had done about 50 ads on TV. She wanted to become a heroine. She and her mom passed away.

The incident took place on Monday May 14th for more details click here. The plane crashed in Nepal and it is unbeleivable. Great loss to bollywood industry.

May strength given to her family and her soul rest in peace. RIP Taruni.


vaishali sabnani said...

very sad...:((..sometimes such sad things happen in life that we get moved ..even though there is no personal contact yet...it hurts...n deeply.
our prayers..for them to rest in peace.

Tintumon Thomas said...

You see sometimes there are moments of undefined love never expressed. I never realized how much I liked her until I heard this news. Now I can't believe that she's no more. You've won our hearts and will always stay with us Taruni. Always.