Friday, June 10, 2016

How do you spend holidays with kids in Singapore?

Spending holidays with kids in Singapore without giving electronics gadgets is very difficult. Most of them travel to India for vacation, but some of them do not travel as there school re-opens for kids in India and many other personal reasons. But here it is not like India with our summer camps, here mostly it will be 3-4 days and with expensive fee.

I have been trying to give less phone or allow to watch TV, but sometimes forced to do so.

Few things I have jotted down, it might be useful.

  1. Wake up late, breakfast lunch also will be late, so its good to go outside in the evening.
  2. Check their holiday homework and plan to finish in last week. Some can be done on daily basis too.
  3. Visit friends place to play indoor and outdoor games.
  4. Sleepover at friends place and vice versa.
  5. Continue their extra ciricular classes such as swimming, music, dance, skating, balvihar, etc
  6. Enjoy family bicycle rides whenever possible on weekends.
  7. Go to kids movie with friends or family.
  8. Daily go to play area or park and play with friends, cycle, football, skating, etc
  9. Once in a while visit library, for some kids it might be boring.
  10. Visit water parks, sentosa, birdpark, science centre,
  11. Do your favourite at home baking or art work.
  12. Do checkout interesting holiday workshops at nearby community centre and enrol them.

will be adding more soon. with event happenings around Singapore. 

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